Sony A7 ii + Zeiss FE 24-70. Good choice?

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Re: The problem with mirrorless lens reviews..

sabesh wrote:

Trollmannx wrote:

Why making an optically so-so lens and then correct it. Does not make sense as resolution can never be improved by software enhancement. The old saying grabage in grabage out is still valid.

Correcting distortion makes sense as it is easier to make a super sharp lens with some distortion and then correcting the distortion in camera by software. Making a super sharp distortion free lens is extremely difficult as correcting one Seidel abberrations is done at the cost of letting other abberations less well corrected.

No such thing as a perfect lens. But software can do a wonderful job making a splendid lens performing even better.

Software enhancement can never make a lousy lens shine.

Well put. Most of the reviewers for the 24-70 are disappointed with barrel distortion while shooting RAWs. Which is why I commented earlier .. they can simply apply a lens profile in Photoshop to correct that, as I do. Sure, you lose about a mm in focal length, but what I've noticed is that the lens is actually about 22-23mm at the wide end. Looks like the engineers designed the lens with s/w correction in mind.

Might be a bit stubborn but I do NOT see how I loose a mm or so at the wide end if correcting distortion by software. The result is similar to what I would get with a distortion free lens. No one ask why Canon or Nikon or Olympus or whatever other lens do not offer a mm or two extra at the wide end... 

This lens has good resolution. It holds up quite well at 42mp with my A7R II. Hence, I can assure the other commenter (above), that software correction doesn't impact the resolving power of this lens.

Good to know as I use the A7 now (does a splendid job) and I might go for the A7RII. My main lens still is the FE 4/24-70 (guess using it 95 % of the time) despite having so called better glass lying around. Plenty of image quality and a super versatile zoom range makes it for me.

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