Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

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Re: Need some info on Nikon 14-24/2.8 glass

ZoltanL wrote:

Excellent pictures Marcelo! Thanks to sgare them with us!

It looks that I won’t be disappointed with this lens. Did you ever have glare issues with?

Did you already used circular polarizer on this glass?

I have this lens. Have owned mine since February, 2010. That 14mm focal length , has enabled me to get shots that I could not have normally taken, even by zooming with my feet.

You cannot use a circular polariser with it, as : 1) It would not work as the angle of view is too wide for a polariser to work. 2) No provision to mount a polariser.. Basically impossible.

I do have the Lucoit Filter adapter for it. In my opinion, a much better solution than what Lee Filters offer.

I just received the Latest Lucroit Filter adapter for mine. Very impressive. It takes 165mm x 200 mm filters.

The new holder is shown in the link attached. Right hand photo.

I trust this is of interest

Regards Peter

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