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Re: no no

Dave, this:

'Sony's fly-by-wire approach frequently jumps and can be frustratingly inaccurate at or near MFD.'

came in response to my comment about manual focus lenses, not AF lenses manually focused. I don't like using any AF lens with FBW manually. The green dot technique has been discussed (with some disgust) by many users of that poor method, at FM and elsewhere. It is roundly and widely condemned as not being good enough. That is not a surprise when C/N make precious few manual focus lenses, is it?

'They will be welcomed by a large number of photographers and they will probably sell more of them than they do any of their FE mount lenses.'

Then why did Zeiss wait many long years to update these two lenses? A small oversight? They were the only two of the ZE range that were virtually identical to the antecedents in the CY range, and the ZE range kicked off almost a decade ago.

It doesn't sound likely to have been a high priority, the impartial observer might agree.

The reason of course is that C/N users are almost all wedded to AF (sensibly given our discussion here), and f1.4 lenses of this FL range are very hard to work even with everything going for you - something Thein noted with re the Otus 85. And squinting at the little TV at the back won't ever match the now very good EVFs.

You may/may not realize the Batis 85 is 3-4 months away from constant supply to retail. Zeiss are shocked at the demand.

[I'll ignore the snide remarks, and put that down to you having a bad day, which happens to all of us at times.]

I'm objective about facts and honest reporting but condescension and emoting negatively in reviews are certainly not my cup of tea, nor comments about anoraks, whatever that might mean...perhaps something was lost in translation?

The anti-Sony vibe was not lost however, and that is likely the most important part for his readership. If you are a fan of MT - and I know these self-styled celeb guys collect followings of gear freaks - check out his comments on the 85 Otus focus abilities, and it shares the basic config with the new lens, but is actually (almost incredibly) lighter.

Here is the progression of the Zeiss 85/1.4 series (for (D)SLR) over the past 20 years or so:

CY - 595 grams

ZE - 670 grams

Otus - 1200 grams

Milvis - 1280 grams

Let's throw in Batis 85 at 475 grams, for the sake of comparison - and this being a Sony forum. So that is the data, no commentary needed there.

Ming is always welcome to accompany me to 5000m to shoot in -15C, and to do the long treks in West Tibet, and Ladakh. Or the super humid environment of the Tasmania wilderness, days from any other human being. Or the LV 0-1 inside temples.

You know, when he feels like a break from his..what was it? that's right - "significantly more difficult conditions". LOL. Do have a good day, now. To put the new 85/1.4 in perspective, I'll leave you with wide open MTF for the 1280 gram M-monster and the 475 gram Batis, just 2/3 of a stop slower - and note it has AF and OIS and works on an IBIS body:

Milvis 85/1.4 at f1.4 - 50-70-90 centers, corner drop off and low 40lpmm.

Batis 85 at f1.8. 67-85-93 centers. very high 10lpmm (contrast and subject separation) and flat 40lpmm for great detail, with much less outer frame fall off. Close parallel lines everywhere for great imaging and contour definition to the very edge.

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