New Zeiss Milvus lenses

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Re: New Zeiss Milvus lenses

The two new fast M lenses are going to be hopeless to focus on OVF cameras in a lot of shooting conditions, so they are sub-optimal from a Sony FE users point of view.

They are also going in the exact wrong direction - manual focus lenses with no features that are huge and extremely heavy. The prices are right. The two portrait lenses replace Contax era 50/85 lenses of the same config in the ZE/ZF ranges. They are very good, going by the MTF, not quite Otus level.

But if asked to choose, most portrait shooters won't have much trouble:

Batis 85 - 475 grams - f1.8 - auto focus - OIS

Milvis 85 - 1280 grams - f1.4 - manual focus - no stability

Add in the camera body, it's 950 grams (a7r) and 2230 grams (5DS)...

Shooting people on the street, only one of these will work really well, the other one would work almost not at all.

Too slow to work, too hard to focus, too large, too heavy, too unstable, too threatening. It's a brutal but accurate calculus. These are surely studio lenses.

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