Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

PhotographerMelissa wrote:

HI - I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100 as well. I also have a colormunki but regardless I still cant figure out why my images are printing out darker than what I see on the screen. I have Photoshop manages colors, but no matter how much I try and rework everything, it still has the same results. I know about the ICC profiles and whatnot, but I'm just not sure what all my settings need to be in order to have them working right. I did have them great at one point, but something happened and now its not cooperating with me. lol

Recalibrate your monitor ans set it to 80Cd/m2 ( Use the advance setting ) then create a profile for you PRO-100 and the paper you use.

Assuming you are setting everything up correctly, turning of Color Matching in the printer driver, and using am ICC within your Editing APP you should get a print that will be CLOSE. It will NEVER match. You are comparing two drastically different system. A backlit Monitor and a front lit print. You would have to evaluate your print under as bright a light as you see in a gallery. Normal room light is not bright enough.

Go to my video channel ( Link below ) and take a lot at my specific PRO-100 videos. All will be explained.

You can also use the CANON Print Studio Pro plugin if you use PS or LR.


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