IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

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Re: IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

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For video, if you don't mind the crop factor, that NX500 might be a better choice. The NX1 has the worst aliasing since the Canon 7d. The 500 crops the sensor in video which should mitigate the NX1's fatal flaw.

Aliasing? No, if you are talking about 4K on the NX1t the NX1 has the least aliasing in 4K of any consumer camera or camcorder and the highest resolution. See, for example, resolution charts. If you are seeing aliasing, it is likely due to watching 4K at lower resolutions with a bad scaler.

I have both the NX1 and NX500; both are great for 4K video for different purposes.

Maybe, I have a AOC 4k monitor. Try shooting musical instruments, every monitor I've tried exhibits bad aliasing with NX1 footage, I've shot the same subjects with comparable settings with an FZ1000, GH4 and GH2 and they showed no aliasing.

Most people that actually own and shoot with this camera admit it aliases. I say it aliases badly. YMMV. The NX500 is reported to be better in this area. Hope so.

On a side note, the aliasing and excessive moire drove me to sell my set up, I found out the hard way that the resale market for Samsung cams is difficult. No one wants them.

What you are saying about aliasing in 4K is proven to be wrong by tests. I own and shoot 4K with the NX1 and I do not "say it aliases badly." This is not only a nonissue, it is one of the many good attributes of the NX1. There are also test of moire, showing that the NX1 is towards the lower end among comparable cameras (all DSLRs, GH4, etc.).

You're obviously not shooting the subjects prone to producing aliasing. You need to push cameras out of their comfort zones to see their limitations and weaknesses. Clearly, the NX1 struggles with aliasing.

For those considering purchasing an nx1 for video, you can work within the camera's limitations and create excellent footage, but beware of fanboyism that turns a blind eye to the NX1's achilles heel. Consider that fanboys would suggest a $1300 stills camera is somehow able to produce full motion footage as good as RED Epic or Arri. There's a reason such cameras cost what they do, there is no secret passage via Samsung mirrorless to that standard. Don't fool yourselves.

I guess I am not shooting subjects prone to aliasing. How about you post a video example straight from the camera that shows aliasing, and stop the name calling. That way we know what to avoid, and to see who is fooling themselves.

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