IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

Started Aug 28, 2015 | Questions thread
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Re: IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

Two aforementioned factors could cause better NX1 IQ, but only at high ISO:

1) Better thermal sinking (and less sensor heating) due to the NX1's larger body.

2) Sensor "binning" that puts sensors that test better in the NX1

Regarding binning, having owned both a Sony a5100 and and a6000, I am convinced Sony is doing so, especially considering that Sony sensors are also used by Nikon.

I am not convinced that processors would make much a difference in IQ.

Lastly, AA filter variation in the past has affected Samsung IQ (i.e. the NX30 vs. NX300) but neither the NX1 nor the NX500 employ an AA filter.

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