Sony RX10 II HFR Focus Bug - Resolution?

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Sony RX10 II HFR Focus Bug - Resolution?

(Long-time lurker, first time poster ...)

I have been running some tests with the slow-motion "HFR" mode of the new Sony RX10 II, and I can confirm that there is, in fact, a focus bug with this mode, as reported by Andrew Reid (

In a controlled set up, I would allow the camera to focus on a subject, then press the center button on the dial to enter "HFR standby", at which point the focus almost always shifts back.  Although I'm not entirely certain, it appears that the focus point shifts to the very top of the frame.  If that happens to be an object far in the background, the focus shifts significantly.  Obviously, this is most noticeable at 200mm and f/2.8.

Upon exiting HFR standby mode, the focus shifts right back to the original center point.  This bug can be demonstrated very consistently; by entering and exiting HFR standby, you can see the focus shift back and forth on the LCD display (or in the viewfinder).

Of course, the depth of field is very shallow at 200mm and f/2.8, and even at 240fps FPR mode there is some upscaling to 1080p -- but that is not the issue here.  If you enter HFR standby and observe the focus shift, then re-point the camera toward a more distant object, you can actually find a spot where the focus is accurate and the image is quite sharp.

My question is: Do other RX10 mkII owners observe this same bug, and has anyone figured out a solution or workaround (aside from pre-focusing at a nearer point and hoping you get it right)?

Sony's track record of firmware updates for compact cameras is not encouraging ...

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!

Sony RX10 II
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