Refractor or Reflector – Which is “Best” for Astrophotography?

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Re: tracker support, using gimbal

rnclark wrote:

An old Gitzo 1228 carbon fiber with little Arc-swiss monoball head.

An old Gitzo 1325 carbon fiber with full Wimberly gimball head. This setup is shown here:

Both these tripods are not in production and are about 15 years old.

I bought a used large Arca Swiss monoball for on the astrotrac.
Both setups work fine. The full Wimberly is easier to move and polar align.

At first I thought the smaller tripod and head had flexure with a big lens like the 300 mm f/2.8. But I've learned that is not the case and that movement is due to polar alignment error. So the above seems overkill.

When traveling by plane, especially to far places like Africa, I only take the smaller tripod and head.


this is very interesting  information! Using the gimbal head as support for the tracker is a great hint. Thanks!

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