IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

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Re: IQ difference between NX500 and NX1

freeAgent85 wrote:

tonyreidsma wrote:

I find this conversation interesting, and useful.

Currently I own a couple A7S bodies, an A6000, and an A5100, along with various lenses and a boat load of batteries.... but I digress.

The 4K bug is chewing a hole in my wallet and my client's demands are going to force the issue of me moving to 4K (I was hoping 4K would die with 3D).

I am torn between buying an external recorder for my A7S, which I don't like the idea of yet another thing to pack when I travel for work, and I like the idea of internal 4K shooting.

The problem I have is the slow pace of SONY in announcing an internal 4K shooting camera other than the A7R II. I don't want more MPIX.

I really like the NX500 for its size, and I could get about 4 of them to set up and shoot at different angles and back ups, etc...

Anyway, thanks for the conversation.


I saw your reply to the video I posted in the other thread about the A7S vx NX1, but make sure you watch how poor the video AF on the A7S is before investing money in it more. Unless that's been fixed with a firmware update, I would say that its AF performance is unacceptably poor.

The NX500 cannot accept mic input and can only use the built-in be aware of that. If you're shooting professional video, the NX500 will not cut it unless you're getting audio from a different source.

Yes, thanks. The A7S's autofocus issues aren't an issue for me, though I do want touch focus to lock on, and do easier pull focus.

When I started shooting years ago I started with the original 7D, and though I had to use plenty of light, I made due with the cameras. The 7D's max ISO is 6400 and looked nasty, but it worked for my application. Then I moved to the 6D and 70D, and that's what got me hooked on the touch focus. These had better ISO and low light, but still needed light. Then came the A7S, and I no longer needed to add light! Oh man, what a blessing, and the video is so nice!

Ok, now I'm at another crossroads. I need to move to 4K, but I don't like the A7S focusing, and I want touch focus, but I like the A7S low light ability, but I don't want to add a recorder.... you get my point.

I figure if I can shoot at 6400 iso with the NX500 (or NX1) and get decent video, usable for my application, and get better results than the original 7D, I'd be happy.

I do think it's time to flip a coin and get out my wallet. Again!

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