Struggling with G7 or GX8 decision

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Re: Struggling with G7 or GX8 decision

sderdiarian wrote:

KameraFever wrote:

I'll chime in with some thoughts. I have the G7 and it's a fine camera. Focus and speed of operation is insanely fast. EVF is large, bright, and crisp. The control layout, customization, and overall handling seem above it's price point. Image quality and dynamic range is on par with other 16mp MFT sensor cameras. Finally, the headlining feature, 4k UHD recording, looks beautiful. And if you care about 4k video, then the G7 actually uses a larger portion of the sensor to record and needs to crop in less than the higher-rez GX8.

Anyway, as previous posters mentioned, the GX8 may or may not have some features worth it depending on your needs. The only problem is it comes at a much higher price. So, do you need or want those features? For example weather sealing and ruggedness is a feature of the GX8 that some must have.

The GX8's very large size for a rangefinder styled mFT is another consideration.

Also, keep in mind, neither of these two cameras offer the new BSI sensor tech that will make it's way down into M43 cameras in the near future. So, these new wonderful cameras will probably be worth much less in a matter of short time.

Yes, mFT has a ways to catch up with the technology in sensors like the NX1's APS-C 28MP BSI sensor. Panasonic's made a first step with the GX8's 20MP sensor, but still a ways to go. The question is when this will happen given the very recent release of this current generation (G7, GX8, E-M5 II, E-M10 II); likely still at least a year out.

On the flip side, the older GX7 like others have posted, operates almost as fast, has 2 axis image stabilization, and offers comparable image quality at a much cheaper price.

I agree, if cost to value is a consideration the GX7 is a great value and without the bulk of the GX8. If not wedded to a brand, the E-M10 II should also be considered given its 5-axis IBIS (works on all lenses) and $650 body price. Panasonic just dropped the price of the G7, likely to better compete with it.

Here's DPR's comparison of specifications of the above:

Best of luck in your decision, all very good cameras so you really can't go wrong.

I agree with what I think that you're saying here... that the most current crop of m4/3 cameras don't really offer so mush extra that they're a very good value. I see the GX8 as being pretty large, bulky and the greater pixel count isn't really enough to matter for much.

If I were buying m4/3 gear right now, I'd be looking at deals for last generation stuff like maybe the E-M10 or GX7 and spend whatever budget I might have left over on more and/or better lenses. When things like IQ, megapixel count and high ISO capability improve much more than they have this last round, I'd might then be interested in an upgrade, but for now these newer more expensive models seem like they just a have a few more bells and whistles... but the fundamental performance isn't really that much better...

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