P7000 lens cover doesn't fully open

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Re: P7000 lens cover doesn't fully open

lens cover "sticks" on Nikon Coolpix P7000

Here is how I fixed the problem and it's an unusual solution.

The first thing I did was browse the internet hoping that another P7000 owner had found a solution. Unfortunately I didn't find one although I did find a solution for sand that gets in the way of this type of lens cover. Use a small strip of paper between the blades to remove the sand grains.

So I tried the paper strip and a can of compressed air but the problem remained. I thought about the problem for a while and then wondered if the blades needed some form of lubrication. I didn't want to use lubricating oil as dust will stick to it and I certainly didn't want any oil on my lens. Then the solution came to me. I had used graphite powder to lubricate one of my door locks. So here is what I did.

I used a small strip of 600 grit sand paper, about the width of a nail file, which I then gently moved between the blades. Please do not use any sand paper less than 600 grit.

I didn't have any graphite powder so I used a pencil and rubbed the lead against the sand paper. (Pencil lead is made from graphite)

I left the powder on the sand paper and gently moved it under the blades.

When finished I had to turn the camera on and off three or four times before the lens cover worked properly again. I used the caned air to gently blow out any excess powder and then I used a lens cloth clean any dust off the lens.

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