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Re: Sweep panorama fz200

I do my multiple exposure panoramas manually and get satisfactory results.  Sweep panoramas generally set the focal length to wide angle.  This results in almost no near-to-far distance compression -- not necessarily a desired perspective.  I set the focal length according to the near-to-far distance compression that I want.  Then I take as many exposures as needed to cover the desired field of view.  Big (8 inch x 16 inch or 18 inch) prints with lots of detail.

For convenience in identifying panorama exposures on my computer, I make two marker exposures.  Before the first exposure, I take a photo of the palm of my left hand so that my thumb is pointed up.  After the last exposure, I take a photo of the back of my left hand so that my thumb is pointed down.

Freeware MS-ICE does a nice job of stitching and blending, automatically.

David Dollevoet

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