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Re: The GXR-M will be a classic for the few that really appreciate them

anthony mazzeri wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

BTW , I just ordered a GXR with S10, and also the A16 24 to 85mm . I probably should of bought the GXR with the P10 , but version with S10 was $30 less, and didn't plan on buying the A16, til yesterday.

Might try out a S10'modified for IR, too.



You won't actually be missing much by forgoing the P10. I did a comparison a while back between images from the P10 and cropping images from the larger APSC-sensor A12-50mm to match. Even cropped in mightily to a small central portion of the image to match the 300mm zoom, the cropped A12 still delivered slightly more sharpness and detail than the P10.

Good to know. The P10 does have the smallest sensor of all the lensors, so Im not surprised about the I.Q.

So in practice if you really need a tight zoom on something you're much better off anyway using the A16 24-85mm and cropping as needed instead of opting for a P10.

And just last weekend I was looking over my GXR pictures over the last few years and surprised myself that some of my favourites are actually with the S10.

Thanks .....I will try out the S10....only takes a few seconds to put it on the GXR

I am really starting to like this design.....never did like changing lenses, but only had two with a GH2 for about a year.

Seems I can change a lensor Much  faster than a lens, and never worry about dust getting on the sensor( due to exposed sensor, while changing the lens).

Dust CAN get into the lensor from the lens  ( Adorama was selling a A12 50mm lens but it had a few dust particles on the sensor )


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