FZ200 or FZ1000 for macro

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Re: FZ200 or FZ1000 for macro

Both cameras "need" a close up lens to really start doing macro well. FWIW I used a 52mm sigma macro with both.

If price is a factor, IMO the fz200 would be best for macro.

If price is not an object they are close to even.

As you prob realize achieving enough DOF in macro is almost always problematic.

The fz200 has significantly more DOF than the fz1000 In my judgement f2.8-f4 with the 200 is appox equal to f7.1-f11 with the fz1000.

Same time since higher iso isn't as bad with 1k as is with the 200, simply cranking up the ISO some can allow each to use those apertures with the same SS and still get good captures

However beyond f4 on the 200 will return deeper DOF than the fz1000 can return. so advantage fz200.

Both can, either by cropping or image size achevie the same approx magnification of 600mm at similar resolutions.

IMO the fz200's images are sharper which likely gives it an advantage in macro phtography however the fz1000 has a deeper dynamic range which aside from its DR advantage is more forgiving expousure wise. Since the sharpenss can be increased to a degree in post, I consider that a wash. so due to DR... advantage fz1000

Monitor and EVF, the 1k is a clear winner of EVF comparison, the 1k' s monitor tends to wash out in sunlight vs the 200's is more visible.  I love to shoot macro using the EVF, but really most of the time it's not practical and I'm forced to use the monitor. so slight advantage fz200 in direct sunlight (how I prefer to shoot macros)

4K video, of course the 1K is the winner. and even in macro photo there are occasions that shooting 4K video then extracting stills is a very valid method.. so advantage fz1000

manual focus and focus peaking. All advantage to th fz1000 there as the 200 doesn't have peaking. on the 1k that focus peaking can work quite well shooting macro even better than autofocus on the right subject.

there are other features too, but if price is one of the key components of the decision, its a challenge to justify double the cost of a 200

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