a7s or a7r for event photography without flash.

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Re: a7s or a7r for event photography without flash.

The HVL F20 is adequate as a backup, or as a remote flash trigger, but IMHO not for professional events work. The HVL F43M is a good unit; powerful enough, smaller than the F60M. I have had problems with overheating if using at 100% (bounce flash) for a lot of photos like awards in a short amount of time.

To solve this, I dial down the flash (use direct at say, 1/8 power). I also have a backup flash on my person, just in case the primary flash overheats in the middle of must-get shots. (I hear the F60M may be worse at overheating, even with an external battery pack, but I can't personally confirm this.)

For personal use (vacation) when weight is primary and flash is not super-critical, I have a Nissin i40. I like it a lot but would not rely on it as my one and only flash for a paying job.

BTW, what do you mean by "events?" Are you shooting concerts which tend to have lots of light (at least lots for the A7S)? In that case, you could get away with no flash.

However, my definition of "events" includes parties, receptions, dinners, corporate events, awards presentations, people at clubs, etc. Here the light may be very low. Hence my saying you will sometimes need flash, at least for the quality of photos that the corporate clients are looking for. If your shots are just for you and friends, crank the ISO to grainy levels and shoot all-natural light.

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