Tokina ATX 150-500mm/5.6 on e-Bay

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Re: Tokina ATX 150-500mm/5.6 on e-Bay

These things were supposed to be sharp, including at the long end,

NOT in my book. I owned one of these for some time, and, while I really wanted to love the lens, its softness (lack of resolution and contrast) at the long end became more and more annoying (since, not surprisingly, I found myself using it much of the time at 500mm).

My copy was in very good shape, including the glass (as opposed to the lens in question here), and it (other than the long end softness) was a lovely beast overall. I still have my review of it (with pix of it) at . Of course, I could judge only that one particular lens. (I have long since sold the lens.)

It was really a shame. At the time I bought it I already had been extremely pleased with my Tokina AT-X 100-300/4 (about as sharp at the long end as it is at the short end, which, in my experience, is not overly common), and I had hoped that the 150-500/5.6 was going to be some sort of a "super 100-300/4".  So I was quite disappointed.

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