a7s or a7r for event photography without flash.

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Re: a7s or a7r for event photography without flash.

I do events and have used the A7, A7S and now the A7Rii.

You will always need some flash, at some times. That said, the A7S is by far the best choice considering low light stills. You'll be able to have more ambient in the background and can use lower levels of flash (remember to gel the flash to match the ambient). And there will be more times you can go flash-free.

The A7S's lower resolution is not usually a problem for events. The pictures are usually intended for online or slideshow use -- there's not a lot of demand for 60" x 40" event prints.

I found the A7Rii to be 1-2 stops worse than the A7S, even if the A7Rii photos are downsampled to match the A7S resolution.

The A7S focuses better in low light than the A7Rii.

All that said, the A7Rii has more consistent focus, quieter shutter, more leeway in cropping, and better ergonomics. You'll do fine if you choose the A7Rii, but I think just for low-light events, the A7S is to be preferred, especially considering the cost differential.

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