5D3 sensor? problem.

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Re: 5D3 sensor? problem.

paure1 wrote:

Hi all,

Here is a link to an affected RAW file ...


I contacted Canon (New Zealand) and the tech said 'Clear all camera settings' and see if the problem still occurs. He wasn't interested in looking at the RAW file. We shall see.


The file contains damaged raw data, and more - the embedded JPEG contains same artifacts.

This happened right in the imaging path in the camera. Red and Blue channels are in fact greens (see the raw channel histograms on a cloud), channels are multiplexed in the wrong way because the synchronization of the sensor read-out was messed up. A quick fix would be to change the RGBG pattern in raw decoder.

You can see that 2 green channels, instead of being very similar, a quite different; while Red and Blue channels are quite similar, which is typical if they would be green channels.

At the very bottom of the frame the sync problem is quite evident, it contains garbage, including on the embedded JPEG (here it is, download and look at the very bottom at 100%)

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