Should I go back to Nikon?

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Should I go back to Nikon?

I shoot with a NEX-C3 now. I would need the following lenses:

  • UWA, zoom or prime, AF or MF doesn't really matter as long as it's sharp (though a faster wide open speed is better)
  • 35mm equivalent prime, so 24mm for crop, and at least F/2.8 or faster wide open in FF equivalent
  • ~50mm equivalent prime.... not really a deal breaker but wouldn't mind a cheap one for portraits
  • Access to teles for daylight action (so it can be slow)

I have been shooting MF but with all the important shots I still miss after almost a year of shooting with them I'm giving that up. I was initially set on an A7 + some EF lenses through an adapter, but I feel like that AF performance will not work. Then I was OK with the A6000 + the 10-18, 24Z, possibly the 35 1.8 and the 55-210. I could cobble that together for about $2000 used.

But then Nikon finally came out with the 24 1.8G. It's only about 1/4lb heavier and slightly larger than the Sony 24Z, and if DxO tests on the other 1.8s are any indication it will be sharper and have less vignetting wide open (where I will use it a lot). Couple that with the fact that F mount crop can use the very affordable and very good Tokina 11-16 2.8, has the 35 1.8G DX which I used in the past and liked a lot more than the SEL35F18, and of course has an extensive library of really good tele zooms like the $300 (used) 70-300..... it's tough. A6000 has good AF but so do D5x00s.

Only issues I see with the Nikons are the OVF and potential parallax issues. In very bright light or very low light OVFs can be problematic, and from what I hear low light AF on Nikon LV is no good so low light shooting could be potentially problematic... and I do a lot of low light/indoor shooting. I would definitely prefer an EVF (though again A6000's EVF is only 1.4MP, another demerit). And of course there are potential parallax issues; though honestly I didn't have any on my old D40 and this seems to be more prevalent with the high end FF bodies.

So I am kind of stuck. Both systems are excellent but for my needs neither seems to have a big advantage over the other. Everything I look at, it washes out. I prefer the smaller less conspicuous size of the A6000 but honestly it's not that much smaller than the D5500, which has much better ergonomics. So I'm at a complete loss. Any ideas?

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