Shocked !!! 70-200mm f/2.8 vrii vs sigma 150-600mm C

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Tord S Eriksson
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Re: Shocked !!! 70-200mm f/2.8 vrii vs sigma 150-600mm C

johny156 wrote:

Thank you all for your answers.

I will be doing af tuning tomorrow night I hate that work gets in the way of my photography.

I did take many other shots with both this was just one, I did consider the whole tripod focus etc. this was just a test how I will be using the gear day to day.

Also what some of you said is bang on i did not buy the 70-200 to use at f/7.1 I paid the money for it because it is fast I just went for 7.1 at 185 as a random point where the lenses overlap .

Thanks again for lending me for experience John

What your little experiment teaches us is two things, at least.

1st: You own two great lenses!

2nd: Now you know: It is easy to draw conclusions, but hard to draw the right ones!

It is very hard to do a totally fair comparison. I've tried it multiple times, and while the real turkeys aren't that hard to discover, the gems are so much more difficult.

My own 'tests' have been done at a fairly short distance (usually less than 10 meters focusing distance), usually not more than 50 shots, using mixed light, but usually no, or very little daylight involved. Tiring work, and it is very easy to mix up which shot was taken with which camera!

Even DPReview's studio test are at times suspect, where one camera's results seem to be a little off (due to minute focusing errors, most likely), but there is no way for us, the readers/viewers to tell, if it actually is so, or not.

I like Steve Huff's crazy comparisons (say, he could well have done a image quality comparison between a D800, with a Nikon 28 lens, and a Ricoh GR — maybe he has?!).

I also love the way he treats his images, where he does his outmost to eke out all the good things in a camera, and a lens, using his knowledge to show that even some simple, cheap, cameras can at times deliver!

Without his V1 review, I don't think there would be any Nikon 1 cameras around today, as he, using his skill, proved, that under the right circumstances, there cameras deliver.

We now have Nikon 1 cameras whose IQ are about as good as a D300s, an amazing feat, considering the size of the sensor!

And amazing lenses like the Sigma 150-600 C, with an outstanding optical quality (not least in its wide end), if one considers its cost!

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