Superzoom bridge cameras any good for birding?

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Re: Superzoom bridge cameras any good for birding?

The image is a baby sea eagle taken from about 250 feet, using a Sony HX400V (50 x zoom, 1200mm equivalent and my only camera and I love it). The key I find is a steady hand, fast shutter, good light and being quick to exploit opportunities.

The quality is typical, Id attach more images but my internet connection is in a backward country...i'll say no more...i like my freedom. The settings were focal length of 215mm, equivalent to 1200mm. When enlarged you will see smearing. This is where small sensor cameras are limited.

On the other hand, mobility is important to me, I often jog or cycle with camera in hand over long distances and up hills...1000 feet or so in altitude so lighter tripods.I recognize the bridge camera limitations but an APS + 150-600mm Sigma/Tamron etc is weight prohibitive.
I want to buy a Nikon V3 + 70-300mm lens as a step up in quality, though the reach will still be lower. its the best weight vs reach vs quality compromise I can find.So, yes, you might get some great bird pics on the super zoom bridge cameras, but they wont

be as high quality as you may want once you start to enlarge the images. But still, enough to get a "wow" from your friends and family.

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