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Re: I love my Sirui T-025X with C-10x ballhead

Wallybipster wrote:

Yeah, it's a carbon-fiber, but it's not overly expensive, is super light (around 1 kilo for the whole thing), and the perfect companion for my OM-D on big crazy adventures.
I can take the center column off, which I often do if I'm going to hike a long ways for weight and bulk reduction, and since it does lose a little stability. But I do use the center column other times, and with a counterweight hanging below, it seems to be plenty stable for most situations.
Considering the multi-day hikes and crazy summits I've taken it up and gotten great results, I have no complaints.

I went on a hike in CO last week with my Fiesol/Acratech.  Very nice and light tripod but overkill for a Oly M10.  During the whole hike I was constantly thinking there should be a lighter option. However, every time I did a search, I came up with the same kit..... until now.  At roughly half the weight, I think the T-025x will be a winner.

Hope you still like your pick after a year or so..



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