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Re: camera makers ... paired or coupled remote release

crunchy_3d wrote:

If you want to try with the simplest solution (for photography), use the following:

The simplest coupling of Panasonic cameras with remote control (e.g. GHs or Gs?) for photography

I apologise for a mistake on the above picture.

The scheme above can work if the camera's power supplies are not connected (so if the cameras run on their own batteries). Otherwise, there is a mistake, since ground is on the second ring.

The correct scheme should be the following:

The correct wiring for two cameras

Note that one of the resistors can be either 1K3 or 1K5 (or something in between).

Simple variant is the following:

Simpler wiring for two cameras (could be problematic)

The above wiring should work as well. However, I would never use it, since it directly connects potentials from two cameras (besides the ground signal, of course).


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