Can we trust DxOMark (after they rated their own DxO One, 1" sensor at 1657 ISO)?

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Can we trust DxOMark (after they rated their own DxO One, 1" sensor at 1657 ISO)?

So, I have always used "Sports (Low-Light ISO)" on DxOMark to get a basic idea on noise level in ISO in cameras.

I think they are very good.

However, recently DxOMark release DxO One and heavily advertisement on their sites (e.g pop up, side Ads and Headline news), so I took a look and found found out that

DxOMark rated their own camera sensor Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1657 ISO

1 inch sensor, 20.2 MP has Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1657 ISO!!!!

So, I was shocked.

I always thought the bigger the sensor, more light, the smaller the sensor, less light.

DxOMark One only has 1 inch sensor.

Looking at other 1 inch sensor"

Canon G7X Sports (Low-Light ISO): 556 ISO,

Panasonic LX100 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 553 ISO,

Panasonic FZ1000 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 517 ISO,

Sony RX100M3 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 495 ISO,

Nikon 1 J5 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 479 ISO,

Nikon 1 J4 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 426 ISO.

Note sure who made DxOMark One's sensor, but DxOMark rated all other major manufacturers way less than their own.

I mean, not by little, but almost 3 TIMES (e.g. 556 vs 1657)

Now, lets looks at M43

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Sports (Low-Light ISO): 896 ISO,

Olympus E-PL7 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 873 ISO,

Panasonic GX7 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 718 ISO,

Panasonic GM5 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 712 ISO,

Now, lets looks at APS-C

Nikon D5500 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1438 ISO

Nikon D7200 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1333 ISO

Sony A5100 Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1347 ISO

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1082 ISO

As you can see,

IF DxOMark DxO One with 1 inch sensor, 20.2 MP and has Sports (Low-Light ISO): 1657 ISO is correct.

Then, such sensor will beat Nikon D5500 APS-C sensor.

But, can it be true, that there is a 1 inch sensor that can beat the APC-C sensor which collect more light?

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