Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!

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Re: nope

Mishkin2 wrote:

This is the limit for 10D. Past this limit, larger (wider)
apertures begin to progressively increase CoC's projected on sensor
plane when it's slightly (but within the spec!) OOF.

E.g. at f/1.4 you can expect 0.06mm CoC in some photos and you
can't complain - it's within the spec!

Solution? Focus bracketing, multiple shots.

Maybe, for you if you want to do that. Most will just stop down unless they NEED the DOF effect of the open aperture.

If they're newbies, even stopped down fast primes have way less DOF than their P&S digicam they had before the 10D.


Pekka Saarinen wrote:

But what is true is f/1.4 lens is better for AF because or 1/DoF
specs of 10D. AF is always done in open aperture by the camera.

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