Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!

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use and abuse digital... it's free!

with ultrafast apertures, rely on focus bracketing by firing a lot of frames while rocking your head or rotating the focus ring. With 10D's zoom review feature, it's easy to delete the badly blurred frames, so storage capacity won't suffer a lot, too.

Larry H. Smith wrote:

DavidP wrote:

Buy fast primes, but stop them down.

Problem solved.

No problem is 'solved' by a solution that requires that I NOT use
the 'fast" part of the fast lens I've bought.

But time and techmology march-on...things will get better!


This whole "what the camera can/can't do FOR you" thing is the main
reason I won't be happy till I have a pro-level camera that will
let ME do what I want, with a viewfinder that CLEARLY shows me what
is happening.

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