Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!

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Re: Hang on...

Mishkin2 wrote:

yada10d wrote:

I would think the recomendation should be to get a fast prime and
stop it down, not put a possibly less capable lens on the camera to
'hide' the problem.

It's a typical recommendation coming from pros to use fast primes
and shoot available light without flash. Available light forces one
to open up the lens and misfocusing (within the spec!) can bring a
lot of disappointment to newbies who heard about primes being
incredibly sharp.

There is only one in-focus plane whether it's f1.4 or f22. It should and it will not make any difference what aperture you use when gear is ok. Misfocusing with 1.4 lens @ 1.4 and @ 22 is equal - it just does not show as easily with 22. This babble is of course academic but this must be cleared.

But what is true is f/1.4 lens is better for AF because or 1/DoF specs of 10D. AF is always done in open aperture by the camera.

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