Yongnuo RF-605C triggers - wireless shutter release out of sync - slow?

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YN RF-605C triggers - wireless shutter release issue

I have been following YN RF-605 issues and studied their cryptic manual in anticipation of adding a pair to my YongNuo gear (560III/560TX/RF-603II). Perhaps my comments below can help.

Miro Kahanek wrote:

Day #1: Yongnuo RF-605 triggers do not have direct GROUP control over YN-560 IV

Day #2 with new Yongnuo RF-605C:

So yesterday I realized that triggers do not have direct GROUP control over YN-560 IV flashes
and today I wanted to test shutter release function, so here is the scenario:

One RF-605C mounted on Canon 70D with shutter cable connected,
second unit in my hand to remotely control shutter and only one YN-560 IV flash.

Result: UNDEREXPOSED shot!
It seems, that Youngnuo "engineers" made the wireless shutter release slow or not in sync with YN-560 IV flash!

Please note:
I am not a PRO photographer, I know basics and how to shoot some product photography and this is the first
time I purchased Yongnuo products.

1) Wireless release shutter works ONLY in RF-602 mode, in RF-603 mode you got unit hanging on the wire from camera.

Don't understand. Are you saying shutter release never works in RF-603 mode or only works when the RF-605 is not in the hot-shoe?

I would expect yours should work like my RF-603II triggers which do function as both remote shutter release and fire flash (at the correct time) while in camera's hot-shoe. The RF-603/603II have separate (independent) flash and remote shutter circuits built in so one camera mounted unit will function as receiver for remote shutter and transmitter for firing flash. You need to try again with the RF-603 mode for the reason mention under item 2.

Something I noticed in the manual is on page 4 where it shows "TRX" is used with RF-603 mode while "RX" is for RF-602 mode. Can you confirm if the RF-605 firmware allows you to set the wrong "TRX" or "RX" setting for the two communication modes? If so this could be a source of problems. Good coding shouldn't allow it to be set wrong.

2) Shutter release is not synced with remote FLASH, I suspect that remote flash fires ahead of shutter, here are the details:

Perhaps this has something to do with using the RF-602 mode. The old RF-602 triggers didn't have separate flash and remote shutter circuits (unlike the RF-603/603II triggers) so if you used them for remote shutter you had to use another pair on a different channel for the flash otherwise the flash would fire too early.

YN-560 IV flash settings: RF602 mode, RX, 1/64 power, 50mm zoom
RF605C settings: RF602 mode, RX, wired release shutter to Canon, second RF605C unit in hand set to TX
Canon 70D settings: Manual mode, ISO 100, F2.8, shutter speed 1/250

This setup resulted in dark shot without flash, picture got better close to shutter speed 1/10 and above, so professional should be able
to tell what's wrong with timing of these triggers...

I disconnected the RF605 shutter wire from Canon, instead I plugged in Hahnel Giga T Pro II wireless remote
and mounted it on the top of Yongnuo (please note there is no hot shoe contact between those two - just mounted to hold)

And voila! Worked like a charm, correct exposure and timing as expected,

This is essentially how two pair of YN-602 triggers on different channels had to be used to have correct flash timing.

so wireless shutter function
on Yongnuo RF605 is out of sync in combination with remote flashes YN-560 IV !!!

So in my opinion: from what I learned in two days, in my case, RF605C unit is only good for firing flashes if I can't use slave mode.
Wireless shutter is USELESS in combination with remote YN-560 IV flashes and you can't control groups directly
without buying another YN560-TX remote.

RF-605 triggers look attractive, however they do not deliver functionality I expected from their brief misleading description by Yongnuo.
It's not a big investment, it does not hurt to have these around (I don't have older Yongnuo triggers), I am just disappointed...

There has been surprisingly few posts here about issues with the RF-605 models compared to the reports of the RF-603II triggers not working when in a non-native hot-shoe. Perhaps this has to do with relative sales volume.

I have no issues with my YongNuo flash gear but I now only recommend someone purchase YN gear (especially RF-603II triggers) if they can easily return them to the seller when they fail to operate correctly right out of the box.

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