Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!

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thanks, Adam

it's just very exhausting that I went through FIVE 24-70's and they all can't consistently shoot sharp pictures at 24mm f/2.8 - with camera which doesn't have any significant issues with my other 4 lenses.

I understand now that I need to send my camera and lenses to Canon, but I'm afraid to get screwed up and then to beg for weeks for special attention from Canon.

Adam-T wrote:

distant scale. Guess what? It was jumping as much as on 10D when
pressing AF multiple times on the same subject. Focus lock - 10ft!

the 24-85 does this also at 24mm especially at infinity in fact you
can see it in the viewfinder most of the time and unless you're
careful and know what you're doing OOF shots can abound, this has
been mentioned before, it would seem that the magic number here is
"24", All lenses can Jitter around on ANY body from a 10 to a 10D,
the wider they are, the worse it is depending on what you're aiming
at and that includes the D60 and 1D also, the AF sensors are
massive compared to the detail they're trying to focus on at
infinity though that doesn't explain why they are OOF if ALL the
detail under the sensor area is at infinity..

I'm just saying that it's not a "10D" thinng and not solely with
the 24-70L

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