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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

Thiom wrote:

At least my newer one was also not "Made in Japan" anymore but says "Made in China" and quoting "Sony Electronic (Wuxi) Co." as the manufacturer. This is actually a Sony subsidiary and was founded in 2000 as a manufacturing plant for, well, lithium-ion batteries. Seems as if Sony have just moved their entire battery production to their Chinese subsidiary.

I'd guess they're cheaper to produce for Sony or their subsidiary into mass production...therefore Sony outsourced them into this exactly way. For my A3000, i keep usually 3-5 NP-FW50's with me when i am shooting about half the day. Same goes for my NEX-5 & -6.

Still...i prefer the look through a OVF & have never had issues with a low battery on my Canon or Nikon DSLR...and the battery lasts not that long with current EVF technique.

Into the End, Mirrorless is very nice & smaller into size compared to a traditional DSLR, but i won't like to miss the OVF and also can shoot all day with just one battery, or a 2nd as backup.

Night Shots are difficult with a grainy EVF for example to compose compared to a natural Glas Pentaprism OVF.

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