Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!

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thanks, Jason

I was too curious about how AF works not to dissect it to death

Now that I better understand the limitations of AF system (or at least, naively think so), I am trying find the ways how to deal with them. E.g. how to focus with ultrafast primes (see my reply to your 50/1.4 post: ). No longer I'm disappointed with blurry images at f/1.4-f/2.5. This is expected, that's all. Learn - or invent - the techiniques how to overcome AF limitations at such apertures.

BTW, these limitations should put a stop for Pro photographers recommending to newbies asking what should be the 1st lens to start with fast primes. Newbies better start with f/3.5-f/5.6 lenses (28-135IS) so that AF limitations will be hidden from their eyes which get wet when they see blurry pixels.

Jason Hutchinson wrote:

I've been saying it's not a true feedback loop for a while. Of
course, I didn't have a whole lot of proof or fancy charts.
That being said, I'll take my D60 over my true full feedback looped
G2 any day.

Keep searching for info, I enjoy your posts.


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