The next big thing in photo and video: the discreet, high quality, wearable camera. Discuss :)

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David Zamora
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The next big thing in photo and video: the discreet, high quality, wearable camera. Discuss :)

So, I've noticed a trend over the past year or two in photo and video, well, mostly video. The use of cameras for life blogging, personal vlogs while out and about, vine/imgur videos and other random video clips for day to day video captures that are eventually shared on social media. Even more recently, is the use of selfie sticks with go-pros, stocks holding point and shoot cameras with great HD video and of course HD video on smart phones (heck, I feel outdated by using the term smart phones...aren't almost all phones by now smart phones?). So, with this trend of on the go, high quality video captures, I think society is truly ready for a new type of camera. The wearable body camera.

One that is unobtrusive, is discreet, that doesn't require a stick, and doesn't need to be held. Is small, yet of very high quality, wireless, excellent image stabilization, at least 2 hrs battery life while recording, weather proof and of course, takes excellent quality video. Let's not forget, just as important, excellent quality audio as well. Of course, having to deal with a lot of buttons, or a remote or a phone app would make this on-the-fly video camera a pain to use, so why not throw in voice controls as well.

Sure, this idea has been attempted in the past, with little to no success. And, those past attempts used yesterday technology. Sure, you can buy accessories for the go pro and other small field cameras, but there is nothing out there that is generally accepted as a wearable, no hands needed, high quality camera that can record your day to day activities on the fly. Something affordable and simple to use. Something that is finally accepted by the general public as a wearable camera.

Attempts have been made at this, but IMO, failed badly and were quickly forgotten, yet many of us still use camera sticks, body mounts, and or simply hand hold cameras and phones to work around this. So, I guess my question to everyone is why hasn't this been done yet, the right way? It can't be that hard, can it? I think technology wise this should be doable by now and the need for such a device is demand.

GoPro created the action cam. Who's going to pave the way for the life cam or wearable cam? How about an accessory? Something like a lanyard that you can clip your phone onto which uses a specialized phone app to immediately begin recording once attached? Like Beme.

Ideas, opinions? Have any of you used a device that fills this void? Do any of you know of such a device that is under wraps or currently in the making?

Here are a couple 'life recording' or wearable camera devices that just couldn't succeed. Mostly due to image quality and lack of features. The first one I think has the most potential. The ParaShoot wearable camera. Looks to also have the best quality video and audio. We are getting there!

ParaShoot (Began in 2013 as crowdfunding project and just began shipping this month)

Mecam (wearable 720p cam, great idea and nice small size, but audio/video are a disaster):

Autographer Wearable Camera (2013 technology, no video):

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