Win 10 disappointments so far

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Re: Win 10 disappointments so far

Two days ago, I loaded Windows 10 into my own Laptop, as well as my wife's laptop. Both are approximately one year old and pretty much max'ed out. Windows 10 appears to be faster than Windows 7, although much more cluttered. There are way too many layers of windows to click through to get to the destination you want. But the worst thing I discovered is that it was launched without providing a new DirectX/DirectPlay interface that matches the Windows 10 program. DirectX is a set of low-level Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provides Windows programs with high-performance hardware-accelerated multimedia support. DirectX enables the program to easily determine the hardware capabilities of your computer, and then sets the program parameters to match. As a result, none of our PhotoShop editing software would work in the new Windows 10 program. Yesterday afternoon, I deleted the Windows 10 program from both laptops; and re-loaded our old Windows 7 program. Everything is back to normal, and working, now. It's hard to fathom why Microsoft would launch a brandnew operating system with no DirectX interface to support it.

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