Win 10 disappointments so far

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Re: Win 10 disappointments so far

You need to explore your PC...

J A C S wrote:

  1. It drains the battery of my Surface (original). In sleep mode, it apparently keeps running. The battery got to 0%, which is quite an achievement since the laptop is supposed to shut down below 4% or so. Haven't they test the new OS with their own hardware?

Yeah, that's an issue Microsoft is working on - Improving battery life.

  1. Photos app is worse than in 8.1 It does not have actual full screen mode. There is a bar on top all the time. The folders structure is invisible; instead you get your photos organized by date, etc., Mac style. The image does not turn when I rotate the Surface. WTF?

Not sure how "full" you want the screen but the "Photo" app does go full screen. And the bar will go away if you left mouse click in an area. Yeah, is should probably fade away after so many seconds but unfortunately it doesn't, however a left mouse click will remove it. Left clicking again will bring it back.

And for the record, Windows Photo Viewer is still available in 10 as well.

  1. I just purchased a new Win 10 laptop for my wife. The Pictures folder is missing. I tried to copy photo to the computer - the most obvious choice is to drag in to the Pictures library. Then the file goes to some obscure folder and you need to spend some time actually to locate it.

Not sure what you're talking about here as there is very much indeed a "Pictures" folder in Windows 10. In the same place it's always been...

I know everyone expects perfection when new software is released, but that's simply not possible with ANY software... no matter who produces it.  Additionally, this is a new OS, and thus it is not Windows XP, 7 or 8, it's 10 and it's different.  Just as XP, 7, and 8 was.

Anyway in order to learn the nuances of the OS you'll have to read, fiddle, and explore to figure out what's what... this is no different then what you had to do when moving to previous new OS'

My two cents.

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