28 or 35 with 50+85??

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28 or 35 with 50+85??

I know . here we go again....
i want to get fast prime to complete my kit.
my problem is ... if i take the ONLY lens with me when i go out just to stroll around town, dinner with wife etc it would almost 100% sure be 35mm . BUT i already have 18-35 too which i like but it is not exactly low light monster for evening or night out.
ideally id love to have newly announced 24 AND 35. But thats is quite alot of money for me.
i do like 28mm FL unlike lot of ppl . But if i have the choice i would always go for the 24+35 instead in the whole kit.
What would you take as your only lens? 28 or 35?
Im afraid if i get 28 ill be wanting 24 later and 28 might be little wide for some type of shots ( like people)
is the 35 for me?
I would actually love to get 35 f2 afd because of size price and weight but since i already have a brick ( d750) on my shoulder couple more ounces is nothing. And optically its not so great i read around.
I know everyone is different but still... opinions welcomed

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