Win 10 disappointments so far

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Re: Win 10 disappointments so far

J A C S wrote:

  1. It drains the battery of my Surface (original). In sleep mode, it apparently keeps running. The battery got to 0%, which is quite an achievement since the laptop is supposed to shut down below 4% or so. Haven't they test the new OS with their own hardware?

You are probably not alone, someone there will notice, and it will get fixed.

  1. Photos app is worse than in 8.1 It does not have actual full screen mode. There is a bar on top all the time. The folders structure is invisible; instead you get your photos organized by date, etc., Mac style. The image does not turn when I rotate the Surface. WTF?

Use the feedback feature inside the app, and tell them: click Settings, then scroll down and you will find a "Send feedback" button. Posting your remarks here has pretty much zero effect.

  1. I just purchased a new Win 10 laptop for my wife. The Pictures folder is missing. I tried to copy photo to the computer - the most obvious choice is to drag in to the Pictures library. Then the file goes to some obscure folder and you need to spend some time actually to locate it.

The most obvious choice is to let the Photos app import files for you: the Phone Companion app should pop-up when you plug your phone, and it has some sort of "import with Photos app" link that you just click, or you cah chose the Photos app as the default AutoPlay handler for your phone, in both cases importing is a *one click* affair.

You make your wife's photo-importing life much harder with this antiquated drag and drop thing Also, the Photos app uses a brand new API that was introduced late in Windows 10, and which is *far* faster than Explorer.

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