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Re: I cant wait to see your sports & wildlife shots!!

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It was a rainy day in April, 1994 that I got my first big pro photog contract. I didn't have much money, and all my photography had been in the Pentax world. My last Pentax SLR was an ME Super. It didn't cut it for this assignment. I was shooting luxury chocolate for a chocolate shop with stores around the world.

Armed with less than $1,000, I went into my local camera store and bought my first Nikon, A Nikon 606, which would later be followed up with an 8 series, and then my proudest day of my film career, an F100, which would be my last film DSLR.

When the D100 came out on July 3rd, 2003, I called all over western Washington and BC looking for one. I had to have it that day. I found one 300 miles away, in the car, across the boarder, I bought the kit with the 18-70, and two IBM 1GB micro drives. Since then, I've owned every Nikon DSLRup to the D4 and the D7200.

A car accident in 2011 where I was on the loosing end of an 18 wheeler rear ending a PT Cruiser, I broke 16 ribs, 2 vertebrae compression Fractures and a broken leg has left me in pain every day, all day. I am still a photographer, but carrying my beloved D800, and all 2.8 or 1.4 lenses.

So today, I sold my D800, and a 90mm f2.8 and a 300 2.8. I have some more glass to sell, but by the end of next week, the first week of my 55th year, and 21 years shooting Nikon, I'll be out of Nikon DSLRs.

I've gone mirrorless, I have a Nikon 1 system, but primarilyim a Micro 4/3rds shooter. The size and weight linked to the outstanding quality has done it for me. I can carry 2 pro level bodies and 10 lenses in a small waist bag and have no pain.

So I thought I'd post here, where I got some help from time to time, and say thanks. Don't hesitate to consider the smaller formats. Lots of pros have. My customers only notice the gear is new, and they love the quality. They didn't notice I changed. Be brave and join us!



DBK. Good luck to you. Fully appreciate that following a life changing injury using a heavy camera is a challenge.

However, I can't share your enthusiasm for M43s as a replacement. I swapped a Sony 35mm sensor system based around an A900 back in 2012 for Fuji and M43s cameras. I still have a body for each system, but I know that neither offers the same quality as a 35mm sensor camera. In 2013, I bought a DSLR again (a D600 at the time) following that painful conclusion. I don't think it's a brave decision - it might be a necessary decision for some, but it's ultimately a compromise of size and image quality.

To those in a similar position I would probably suggest switching to a smaller body (D610/D750) and the Nikon F1.8 primes before switching systems - in many cases the combination is going to be of a very similar weight to a mirrorless camera plus lenses and offer much more have missed the boat these daysfunctionality and image quality.

I'm not going to argue with you. I made the decision and am happy about it. A camera you can't or won't carry is a waste of money

Anytime you want to go side by side with me, let me know. Wel'll go with say 600mm lenses and shoot wildlife. My camera and lens weighs less than 3lbs and I can hand hold it. You? I didn't make this change without tons of comparative shooting and knowing how to Post my images to get the most out of them.

Canikon have missed the revolution in photography. Each have done the minimum of r&D on mirrorless.

Do your self an interesting favour sometime. Have you ever asked yourself why the photography world choose 35 mm as their size of choice? I know the answer, and it was not after research and development, it was by pure accident.

There are now lots of pros shooting MFT. Lots of serious talented amateurs doing the same.


I've shot sports and wildlife with a 300mm lens mounted on an oly M43s camera. The images I took were usable and not terrible. Then again, the keeper percentage I had wasn't so high. But I didn't find it hard to shoot wildlife with a D810 and Tamron 150-600 mounted either, and the results I had were exceptionally detailed at all level of magnification.

Everytime I hear that refrain from mirrorless users that DSLR manufacturers aren't advancing I think about the advances in technology and usability in both the D750 and D810. The average mirrorless user would do well to give them some use and reflect objectively on the quality of results they really want.

All the best.

Simon please let us see your work on sports and wildlife photography..

Hi Bartolyni,

how are you? Try looking at my Flickr stream. Cricket and tennis come to mind...

all the best

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