Sony RX10M2/RX100M4 sensor readout speed

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Re: Sony RX10M2/RX100M4 sensor readout speed

Horshack wrote:

The RX10M2 is the first camera I've seen that supports flash operation with its electronic shutter (other models force you to switch to the mechanical shutter when using flash). The max flash sync rate with the electronic shutter is 1/100, so I presume that is what the sensor readout rate is.

Nikon 1's Aptina sensors from the very beginning offered (like in J1) flash with e-shutter, it was capped at 1/60s. That is just for the record.

I've got my doubts about precise meaning of the 'sensor readout speed': they might have increased read rate from the sensels (although some tests suggest that only moderately), but it feels like sticking DRAM and adding extra circuitry rather increased data trasfer rate from the chip to the downstream electronics (hence 16fps burst rate and 1000fps slow-mo video). Both processes fit the term 'readout speed', but affect different areas.

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