50f/1.4 wide open tested (again!)

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how to deal with ultra-fast primes

High-Precision Measurbation ( http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1019&message=5621100 ) shows that at f/1.4 10D can blur each pixel into 8-pixel circle and that still be within the spec!

Now that we realize that, we should find the ways to deal with it. We should know proper technique. Usually, "better photographers" stop right here, without telling what exactly the technique is. But I'm not the better yet, so I will tell

1. Forget about using AF at such apertures as f/1.4-f/2. Set the lens to MF (or assign AF to * button). Shoot a burst of 9 images (or 21 on 1D - lol) while doing one of the following:

2A. If your subject is close enough for you to be able to move your head several DOF's during the burst, start with manually frontfocusing and then firing the burst while slowly moving your head towards the subject with constant speed, to backfocus position.


2B. If your subject is to far for No.1. to work, manually frontfocus and then fire the burst while slowly rotating the focusing ring to backfocus position.

3. Take the sharpest photo from the burst. It's digital. It's free!

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