Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

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Re: Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

Scottelly wrote:

Did you notice that this original post was made back in 2013? Vieri ended up getting both a Nikon D800E and a Sigma SD1, and he prefers the Sigma SD1. See his blog here:

Yes I am familiar with Bottazinni's fine art photography and his site. I just thought I had something useful to contribute to the Foveon debate

Your observations must be based on some sort of faulty proces

Well I was not trying to design some perfect test that would stand up to expert scrutiny. I was just sharing my observations of some fairly basic and primitive (but nevertheless useful) comparisons that I made. I fully described what I did so as not to mislead anyone about what they mean.

First of all, you used a cheap lens that doesn't resolve very good quality images.

So what is your point? I know that the lens is not the greatest. I said as much in my post. Yet I concluded that DESPITE using a cheap lens, the prints from the SD1's files are more pleasing than those from my Canon DSLRs

Try the 70mm f2.8 macro or an Art lens, like the 18-35mm f1.8 A, and you'll see the performance of the SD1 shine.

I was planning to get the 24mm f/1.4 ... but who knows, it might be something about the "cheap" 24-70 that, despite its imperfections, is responsible for the overall pleasing effect that I so like in my SD1 images

I also can't understand how you can think a 16 MP Canon with an AA filter on the sensor can compete with the likes of the SD1 for detail captured, when the SD1 is performing well against 36 MP cameras that have no AA filter. I think you need to do a little more research or get a better computer screen or something.

Several points.

1. I tried not to be influenced by the difference in technologies or specifications of the cameras used to make the images.

2. I published two images which anyone can look at on their superior computer screens to check this out for themselves.

3. I am most interested in the quality of A3+ prints, and at that size, looking at the prints themselves, there is no visible difference in detail or sharpness. However, DESPITE the tiny bit of visible softness in the corners, the SD1's prints are just fine, technically and, to me, are the most pleasing to look at.

Just so you can see better, I did a comparison of the Merrill with a variety of cameras, all based on publicly available raw files, shot in the same studio by the same people of the same scene - the most scientifically identical examples available, I think. Here it is:

Thanks. It is a thorough and interesting test, but not hugely relevant to what I am trying to achieve, i.e. beautiful large (A3 and above) prints. For that I prefer to use real photographs of the kind I like to make, rather than artificial studio tests, and to look at actual large prints, on paper, rather than highly magnified portions of images on a computer screen.

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