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Re: ? Best Nikon teleconverter

rrrremus wrote:

5tve wrote:

Well the VRI is known for problems with soft corners but its never bothered me as i use it mainly for portraits & when I shoot sports the corners get cropped anyway.

I'm thinking of getting the TC_20E_III to go with my 70-200 mm VRI so long as it performs well in a 1.2 crop mode

herbymel wrote:

Jim Dougherty wrote:

Mansurov is very high on this combination (70-200 and tc-20E III):

Actually their recommendation is for the VRII version, for the version she has they consider it to have unreliable results. They said the VRI version performs poorly with any converter over 1.4. Best to see some actual pictures rather than rely on reviews though.

I just purchased the 1.7x teleconverter to use on the 70-200 VR I.

Your assumption of needing to shoot in 1.2X crop mode while using a teleconverter does not make sense as the teleconverter will ignore the corners of the lens. The IQ is downgraded because you are only using the center of the glass.

"The IQ is downgraded because you are only using the center of the glass"?  I don't think that is a technically correct statement.  Using the center of the image could only help to preserve the IQ quality.  Your comment would imply that using a FF lens on a DX crop camera results in lower IQ because you are only using the center of the glass.

Unfortunately, a TC puts more optics into the light path along with all the distortions that come with that.  TCs have to be created to work with a variety of lenses as well.  The IQ drop-off would not be as great if the TC was designed to be used with only a single specific lens.

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