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Re: Hmm, let's start from scratch

Thank you so much that was very helpful and understanding, i forgot to mention my gear that i use.

My gear is your right it is crop sensor, I use Sony A6000 and with Sony 35 1.8, Rokinon 12mm 2.0 and 18-105 f4. i didnt get into tripods till not long ago like 3 months? purchased a Dolica tripod for $115 and 2 months later the legs refuse to go inside and my camera kept getting lose out of the mount all the time. Thats why i always had the strap around my neck all the time.

ill read your review and do some more research on them.


victorian squid wrote:

ChrisJE wrote:

Hi Guys im looking for a tripod that can extended than my current 60 inches. I am 6.7 tall and i am looking for a tripod that can extend to 70 or over. Budget is $200


After looking through your discussion with Chris, it really looks to me as if your best bet is to look at a kit tripod. You've got a long ways to go I think before you can start to competently buy individual components.

You haven't mentioned what gear you're needing support for, weight is an important factor when choosing a tripod. Sometimes you might need to settle for shorter if your budget won't allow for a taller tripod capable of supporting your gear.

As a wild guess, I'll assume you're using a crop sensor camera and a medium range zoom, and something between 10-15 pounds of support weight should suffice.

There's a Slik tripod with head for $180. It's max height is 74.8". There's also an Oben for $220 at 71.9" and holds 17 lbs.

When you start to drift north of this price, Then you might do better not sticking with kits. At that point, I'd stick specifically with what people recommend here to stay out of trouble.

I'd highly recommend either the Benro or Induro that have been suggested already. I'd personally lean towards the Benro - it's a newer design and the same manufacturer as Induro. For a ball head, there's the Desmond DB-44, which even though it just had a price increase ($80) is worth every penny and by far the best ball head you can buy for under $130.

I wrote a review on it here. Both the Benro/Induro and Desmond are suitable for anyone from a beginner to a pro, and they will last you a long, long time. It's worth spending the extra money if you're serious. However, not knowing your gear or your intended use, you're the only one who can make that decision.

BTW, that circle thingy on the center column is usually called a mounting plate or mounting disk. It's a 3/8" sized thread that is meant to mount a head of some sort onto. Your camera has a 1/4" thread, which is meant to have a plate mounted to it, which in turn can be mounted to the clamp of a tripod head.

There are 3 popular types of tripod heads. The most popular type because of size and flexibility are Ball Heads, then 3-way (pan-tilt) Heads (usually the ones with lots of handles on them), and a simple tilt head , usually used on monopods. Normally if you see a tripod head with a long handle on it, that's meant for video use, but it could also be a pan-tilt head. This is of course a gross oversimplification, and there are many other types of heads from simple to specialized.

I'm only 6' 3 1/2", but like tall tripods too. I have a Sirui M3204X, which is quite tall even without the center column extended. Not extending the center column improves the stability of the tripod.

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