SX50 Mini-Reviews Christmas Special - Did you find your new camera under the tree?

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Re: SX50 Mini-Reviews Christmas Special - Did you find your new camera under the tree?

VisionLight wrote:

Jim wrote:

Hi -

Excellent post but most of the images are missing. Is it on my end?


Sorry about the missing pictures Jim. Some time in 2014, due to a misunderstanding on my part on how the images were imbedded (or, in this case, not) in the threads, I removed many of the images while cleaning up my Gallery. In a test at the time, I removed a Gallery image that was in another thread and a few days later, that image still remained in that original thread. That led me to believe they were imbedded. It turned out DPR was only doing broken image link maintenance periodically then, so the image only actually remained in cache during that time. As you well know, I could not go back to re-insert the lost images back into the SX50 review due to editing rules here.

A number of people have asked me about this, but I do not know how great the interest still is after all this time. If the interest was high enough, I would consider re-doing the article with all images intact on my nascent Web Site's Blog (see link in my Sig below).


Honestly, I think that the interest in the SX50HS may have actually grown after the introduction of the SX60HS. You have taken the time to thoroughly research and come to understand the capabilities and limitations of the SX50HS. Your views and commentary are worthwhile and apply to this camera as well as to the small sensor superzooms in general. My vote is that, time permitting on your part, the images would be a welcome addition to your post. Speaking selfishly, I would certainly benefit from them and I'm confident others would as well. Given this, the request is respectfully made.


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