Can any of you explain to me how 1.3x crop of D7100 is giving 2x zoom?

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Re: Can any of you explain to me how 1.3x crop of D7100 is giving 2x zoom?

mosswings wrote:

Canon2Nikon wrote:

Ok, I'm really confused here... So, a 1.3 crop essentially means that the camera is throwing away the information toward the outer part of the image sensor, and keeping a smaller portion of the image toward the center. (Basically a smaller rectangle) So what's the big deal here? ... Isn't that the same thing as just zooming into the image? ... So the quality of the image breaks down a bit compared to the same image at 1.5? ... It's just cropping a smaller rectangle from the image circle of the same lens and zooming in to it! ... Huh??? Lol!!!

It's similar to digital zoom but not quite. With digital zoom, you are still capturing a full frame's worth of data - 24MP in this case - that you can revert to if you want to. Everything is done AFTER capture. The 1.3x mode works AT capture, storing only the central 16MP of the frame, so you can never revert to the full resolution of the sensor.

The main advantage of this mode is, as has been previously stated, reduced file size and increased frame rates in continuous shooting, as well as nearly 100% AF coverage of the capture area, good for composition and tracking.

Another in-practice maybe-benefit is that you have a bit of advance warning when tracking a subject moving across the frame, as the viewfinder remains at full extent and the boundaries of the 1.3x crop are indicated by lines inside the finder screen. So theoretically you can track better.

Hey! Those are some pretty good reasons to use a crop...I especially like the "increased frame rate" and "autofocus coverage area"... I think I'm beginning to understand the value of cropping... So, next time I crop I think I will try to fill the frame a little more than I would in a non cropped situation. That way the when the crop is resized to match the uncropped standard, the resulting resolution will be partially adjusted for.


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