Why the 20 megapixel upload limit?

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You're right. It does support over 20 megapixels now.

Simon Joinson wrote:

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kimvette wrote:

123Mike wrote:

And in the end, all that it's likely is, is only silly little set of constants and a text update in the code of this site...

Sure, if you want to skip testing to make sure the UI doesn't break, that bandwidth doesn't overload the servers DPR is on, making sure the scaler scales large images sanely (are they using ImageMagick on the back end, does the installed version choke on the highest resolutions available today or does it need to be updated? do their scripts choose the right algorithm for various resolutions, etc.), and so forth, then yes, all that's involved is changing one or two text files and pushing it out and hoping nothing breaks.
What WOULD absolutely work in any case is a "full resolution" link where just the image file is downloadable.

A responsible sysadmin or even a "webmaster" on a very popular site wouldn't just push out a change like that without first testing it... because it is not quite as trivial as you imply. How many people would whine if it turns out they're on a buggy rev of ImageMagick and it either breaks totally on 36mp+ images, or it happens to scale them poorly?

Nothing you can say where I haven't been there done that, for anything development related. I could write this entire site myself if that was my task. How many years does DPreview need to this? 1? 2? It's been more than that it seems.

ps. I think the DPreview developers have done a very good job creating this site. I consider it very good. This is why I am flabbergasted how this basic issue wasn't addressed. Many camera go over the 20 megapixel mark. Why the limit? It's so silly at this point.

it was actually changed several weeks ago.


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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

I could have sworn that only a couple of weeks ago, I saw the same 20 megapixel limit error again, but I just tested it, and it works now. That's awesome.

ps. an additional kudos to the developers that were responsible or contributed to making all the complex mechanisms on DPreview happen, including the image comparison tools, gallery, etc. It sure would be a major undertaking redoing all this from scratch, and I fully appreciate all their efforts. This is why I thought that that 20 megapixel limit was so off the scale...

ps. is there a mobile version of DPreview, an app, in the works or already available? I could envision my A6000 wifi-ing the images to my mobile phone, to a DPreview app, to its gallery (perhaps a paid version to make the storage possible)...

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