AF-focus problems on Nex-6 and 18-200LE

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Re: Your 18-200LE is deffective

I also have the pulsating focus hunting on a SEL18200LE bought as Resealed, in almost brand new condition. No scratches, no drop signs. First thing I noticed is a slight play around the E-mount area, but never had lens error or resets. Now, after reading this topic I noticed the same behaviour, but in AF-Single. At AF-C I understand the need to always be prepared for a focused image. At P, A, S if I select DMF then I don't have the AF mode available to select AF-S or AF-C , I presume that it stays the same as I set up AF , where I can select AF-S or AF-C. AF-Single in my case. I expected that AF-S means that when I press half or full the shutter then the AF will autofocus, NOT everytime a contrast or any action change in scene. In 30 mins  i lost 10% battery with only 10 pictures, mostly keeping the camera turned on and checking(not touching) focus change as the cars, people passed around . I tested this on plain daylight with slight shadows from trees, NEX-6 fixed on a bench. I read somewhere that this is not happening after F6.3, but mine is doing the same at F8, F9,F22..., zoom 18, 50, 70.... Both camera and lens have the latest firware, PDAF is working ok.

Should I return it, should I ask for a replacement?

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