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Re: Shooting from a vehicle on safari in East Africa.

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

scarlet knight wrote:

Can the 150 to 600 be hand held or do you need a tripod or monopod?

When shooting from a vehicle on safari in East Africa the vehicle type and number in the vehicle are important.

If there are 12 in a mini bus good photographs are a severe challenge.

A land rover/land cruiser with open top is ideal for a beanbag when standing up. Ideally no more than 3 in the vehicle is best, but the cost goes up.

If you can use a bean bag take it empty and arrange for the tour operator to fill it with beans for you. Usually the "beans" are just right for cooking at the end of the tour

Some vehicles have a round bar on the roof to which you can clamp a Manfrotto 035 clamp with optional ¾ thread for a pro tripod head. If you can use these carrying them in a jacket pocket keeps them out of the baggage weight limit

My advice if you are a keen photographer is pay for good photographic facilities from the vehicle. As flights and accommodation cost money the extra for good vehicle shooting facilities can be as little as 15% of the total price.

Excellent advice as usual!

Here I am in Tanzania, using a beanbag for supporting a 500VR lens in one of the open top Land Cruiser's that you refer to :

And yes, it's nice (essential?) to have some empty seats for one's gear.

I was lucky having only 5 people in a vehicle with 8 seats and no one else with major photo gear!:

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