3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

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Re: 3D Lens attachment (w Mirrors)

Here is the test self portrait that I made with my Konica Minolta A200 using the Pentax Stereo Adapter. I shot it at 1/160sec, f/3.2, and at 16.3mm (equivalent to 63 mm on a full frame sensor camera) and I used the built-in flash.

I know how bad the portrait is but the whole reason for shooting it was to test the Pentax Stereo Adapter. As you can see, the stereo adapter worked fine.

Some of the edge darkening is due to the effective focal length being longer than 50mm, some was due to some deterioration of the silver coating along the edges of the mirrors.

With my SKF-1 adapter I had to crop the center section on small-sensor cameras. Thus different beamsplitters have different compatibility.

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