Nikon D7000 Replacement or D40x + Lens For Indoor Sports Photography?

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I have another newbie question. Now that I have finally figured out how to read the meter in the viewfinder I am always looking at shots later on the LCD wondering what settings I used. I assume it is in the menu settings somewhere, but how do I get the preview images on my LCD to display the EXIF data that I see in pictures posted here? Thanks!

Try pushing the up button while previewing the picture.  This usually overlays the exif over the picture.

I didn't real all 4 pages, but I'm going to recommend the D7100 over the D7000 mostly because of the auto focus.  The inexpensive primes are very good, but slow to focus.  I'll take any help I can get out of the camera, especially in lower light.

I went D40x -> D3100 -> D7100 -> D7200.  The jump up to the D7100 blew my mind pretty good and that was with the D3100 buffer.  The D7100 is also when I started to get more lenses which blew my mind further.

I didn't see your budget but I'm assuming that full frame and glass is out of the picture.  I think the D7100 is a pretty good bang for your buck.  Add an inexpensive prime and you will be ready. (after the learning curve, of coarse)

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